Follow your feet! 4 tips on how to push yourself to get on stage.

June 11, 2019



Has this ever happened to you? You are on the wings of an improv show, you see a move to make, and then NOTHING. NADA. CRICKETS. 


You didn't do it.


In fact, you receive feedback from your coach or teacher after the show that for next time they really want to see you get out there more.


You're not following your feet!


There are several reasons why this can happen and at the end of the day it doesn't matter because you aren't making moves. So here are some tips to help you get out of your head and your feet moving forward!

It's not about you

You might hesitate because you think you don't have a good idea or worse mess up.


Thing is the scene going on stage in real time is not about you.


It's about what is unfolding between the other performers.


They need your help.


Flip the script in your head and focus on your partner and what they need. In this case, they need you.


It's really difficult to think about messing up when you are focusing on other people. So start to make it about them and your feet will follow! 


Give yourself small goals

Start small. No one is asking you to become the greatest walk-on improviser of all time. I don't even know what that means!


What you can do is give yourself small goals, crush them, and repeat! Before you know it, you are making edits and following your feet like no one's business.


What's a small goal look like? This rehearsal I'm going to edit and start a new scene when I don't have any idea what to do. 


Ask others to help out

Do you think no one notices your hesitation? Believe me, they all notice it. Some are going to shrug it off others are going to talk about it and say things like "ugh, they are so good, I wish they'd believe in themselves and edit more".


Things become a lot less scary when we speak up. So speak up. Ask your teacher, coach, classmates, or teammates to help get you out there!


Improv is all about support so get supported!


Practice. Practice. Practice.

The only way to get comfortable with the bold edits and walk ons is to keep practicing them.


You need to get out there and just keep at it. Fail. Repeat. Practice. Repeat. It takes time but eventually you'll feel comfortable and confident.


Once that happens there only place to go is forward ... onto the stage! 





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