Bring the Audience with You

January 29, 2019



We have a philosophy at AdLib and that is, bring the audience along with you. Invite them into your world. Help them fall in love with improv. 


We are not just a theater, we are ambassadors of improv. This connection with the audience begins before the team takes to the stage. It starts with how the audience are greeted to the performance space. We like to ask how they found us or if they are returning welcome them back. We thank them for joining us and make sure they are comfortable. 


We don't want to put the audience in a place of "prove to me your funny". Our promise to the audience is that you are watching a performance made up right in front of your eyes. That this is the first and last time it will be experienced and we get to experience that together. We promise we are a community, in our case, not family friendly comedic content, and that it doesn't cost a lot of money for a night out. 


It's true, improv in many ways isn't "important" in the grand scheme of space and time. However, in that moment, when an audience member has paid to see your show, improv and the performance is important. At least that's how it is at AdLib. 


So join us. Welcome and together let's have some fun.

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