AdLib Philosophy: Assume Complexity

November 20, 2018

At AdLib we have an ethos and philosophy in place. One part of this is asking our students and performers to "assume complexity". That might sound vague so let's take a closer look!


In work and in life, we interact with a variety of people, places, inputs, and stimuli. Each of these have an impact on one another creating a more complex outcome. If we only had to think about our response to stimulus, life gets simple. Life, however, does not work that way. 


So why would we consider teams, performers, work, and organizations behave as a simple construct? The answer, is we shouldn't assume that. We need to assume Individual performers, work teams, and organizations may be considered complex adaptive systems.


This is what we mean by assume complexity as part of our philosophy. By assuming our performance in the improv classroom or on stage is complex rather than simple, we actually set ourselves up for success. This assumption allows us to identify key concepts and tools that will help us play, learn, grow, and succeed.


It can be difficult to adapt to this mindset. Great news! Improv helps shift our mindset to a more open and creative space.


Many of us are conditioned to look at obstacles that are problems and give a negative mindset to the situation. We also think we need to solve our problems as individuals.  


Assuming complexity in our learning, growth, teams, and on stage we can hone our ability to adapt and look at obstacles as challenges and opportunities to create together. Doing this in the classroom, rehearsals, or in performances then helps us transfer these skills to the larger complex world. The end result is feeling more confident, secure, and ready to face the every day. 


This is why assuming complexity is one of our philosophies at AdLib Theatre! 


Ready to tackle complex situations? Maybe you want to learn to be more confident or you've just heard how great improv is when it comes to tapping into creativity. Then we encourage you to check out AdLib Theatre. To learn more go ahead and click HERE! 



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