AdLibbing with our AdLibbers!

July 6, 2017

Let's get to know the performers of AdLib Theatre (we call them our AdLibbers!). We sat down with the performers asked them some questions and now we are excited to share this with you!


This week we get to know Logan Anderson!





Why did you get involved with improv?

I started absorbing myself in improv because it was a kind of making. It was from a world, out of an idea, from the beginning. In improv stories seemed to just happen on stage, like the relationships they spawned out of. I first started performing improv in high school theatre. Then improv was just another finger on the hand of theatre. In traditional theater not seen as quite the pointer, nor the thumb, but definitely the pinky—you might only break it out for a quick tickle and at tea parties. And from there I really get didn't get deep into improv again till late college when I was also taking a class in interactive performance. After college I realized what an impact improv had and really what a necessity of invention it was for me. Improv wasn't just a finger, but its own curled fist of knuckles, that you still brought out at tea parties of course. Improv was and is a "process of creativity" that is essential for me. It can as liberating in its exercise of continuous invention as sometimes the stage performances themselves. In improv we "make" by "learning" and we are constantly learning to make, to discover, to be curious; as we imagine, reimagine, and converse with the other players. The world is made and changed from each line, look, action to the next.


What shows or projects are you involved with at AdLib Theatre?

I remember when Lauren (Lauren Morris, the founder off AdLib) came to a meeting of the Orlando Improv Meet-up group that I was going to with a group of players; many ended up being in the first graduating class at AdLib Theatre.


I along with  AdLib players have performed for shows at the Orlando Museum Of Art as part of First Thursday.  I've been performing on a Harold team for a few years and within the last year, after completing a study in Advanced Forms, I also perform mono-scene and duo-scene performances with AdLib. Additionally, I have performed an Armando at Orlando Story Club for The Downtown Arts District.


Do you have any advice to someone considering AdLib Theatre?

Everyone needs to experience improv firsthand. So first, sign up for a class. AdLib is the only place dedicated solely to long form improv. To play onstage is to trust each other onstage. That has come from creating connections. There is an honesty when there is no script to rely on for the next thing to say and context with high to exist in.


The AdLib community is the place if you're looking to experience an authenticity in performance. There are AdLib performers who are writers, filmmakers and artists of many different mediums. We are all learning more about how to create, how we communicate, who we could be, want to become, and how to get there.


Improv, regardless of the element of unpredictability, does have a formality that you can hold onto. In long form improv the picture (of greater resolution) is taken apart. Characters that we create are inspired by people in our lives, that we imagine, and relationships that we take part in. So be humble in your approach to the learning, and bold in curiosity to know and experience improv. You don't need to keep improv in a cage. The tools you learn when making sense of the make-believe are useful to you when making connections and building relationships even when there's no stage in sight.


Do you have a favorite AdLib moment?

I think my favorite movements are always when I'm in "the flow". One of the forms we do is mono-scene, where there is no cut away. This allows you to create very strong connections with your scene partners onstage. In the Spring of 2017 during a Saturday Nights At AdLib show we performed a mono-scene where our characters connected so beautifully onstage, our external conflicts were balanced with our strong games and our well communicated goals. All this was harmonized with the absurdity of the premise; which was a loud family shopping for a new toilet at a hardware store.



Ready to learn more about AdLib and our community? Sign up for a drop in class or come see a show!



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